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First Impressions Matter: The Importance of Great Visual Design

Our web development team develops highly functional, compelling, user-friendly, high quality content; making it a powerful data driven website for success. We provide cutting edge ideas that are unique, fresh, and satisfying for our clients. We keep our clients’ websites up to date with the latest technology and innovation. Simply updating visual elements is not enough to make clients happy, we use true innovation means embracing change in all forms.

Our Innovative Approach

From the start of design, each of our web projects has SEO in mind. We provide a base layer of SEO that can be expanded and modified into a comprehensive SEO campaign. SEO demands first page results. Our competitive analysis puts you on a path for success.

  • Reliable, Friendly, Hosting & Support
  • Innovation & Design Building
  • Engaging User Experience
  • Responsive Mobile Design
  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
  • Expert Research & Performance Tracking


Impressive Designs Create Impressive Results


We Transform Data Into Action

All of M44 Media optimization projects are goal-driven. We use analytics to make a profitable impact on your law firm. We start with your business goals and look for an opportunity to achieve those goals. Having a solid framework, we prioritize your optimization projects. We track the progress of your goals and the KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators).

Your website is imperative to the success of your business. That’s why we make intelligent decisions that matter and truly change the course of your website’s profitability.





Infographics & Interactive Graphics

When creating web content, businesses often focus on text at the expense of other forms of media. If your law firm is using stock photos, you’re missing out on an important aspect of content marketing. The right image can maintain a reader’s attention by explaining a challenging concept. Images are easy to consume and share. They garner as much attention on social media as text and, often times, more.

As part of our attorney web design services, we are proud to offer graphic design specifically tailored to legal firms. Here are just a few of the graphic design services we offer:



Statistics suggest more than half the people who visit your law firm’s site will leave after less than 10 seconds. The smallest problems can make users give up on websites. Poor text colors, overly long paragraphs, and obtrusive advertisements are just a few things that send users running.

If you have a great deal of information to present in a single page, an infographic is just what you need to keep prospective clients interested. Infographics are among the most popular items in our selection of graphic design services. One good infographic can do the job of an entire book. People also love to share great infographics on social media.

Interactive Graphics

People enjoy becoming active participants in the online content they consume. That’s one reason why social media is so popular – people get to be a part of something bigger. Adding interactive graphics to your law firm’s website is a great way to increase engagement and keep people reading content. Our graphic web design experts can create interactive graphics that help clients understand complex legal issues through active participation.

Logo Design for Law Firms

Branding is crucial to online marketing for any business – even a law firm. Let us help your website gain an identity that people remember through our logo design services. We strive to design logos that inspire confidence and trust while building brand awareness. Your logo is your firm’s imprint on the world, ask us about logo design today and start making your mark.

Graphic Design

We are a comprehensive attorney web design firm. If you have a graphic web design project in mind that we didn’t mention above, contact us to discuss your needs. Our suite of graphic design lawyer services includes headline images for blog posts, iconography for landing pages and user interface elements, illustrations, charts, tables and more. We think you’ll agree that we offer the best graphic design for lawyers available anywhere.

We Design for Mobile, too.

Text Message Website Intergation

Mass SMS Messaging, Smart Targeting and Automation

The perfect solution is resting right in the palm of your hands; SMS is simple but powerful, reaching clients’ right where they are, the level of engagement is unparalleled. With a staggering 99% open rate. In fact, 90 percent are read within 3 seconds of receipt.

MMS multimedia messaging enables your law firm to send pictures, video, GIFs and audio, thereby enhancing your firm’s message.

Texting is changing the way companies communicate. Think about it- when was the last time you went anywhere without your cell phone, or failed to notice a text message you had received.



Voice Search Will Be The Next Search Engine Revolution

Optimize Your Website with Voice Search

While Siri, Cortana, Google Now and Alexa are changing the way we play music or set alarms, they’re also changing the way we search for localized requests, like businesses or restaurants. Particularly millennials will be most likely to use voice search assistants to help them interact.

Voice search is an attractive alternative to manually typing a question because it is more convenient in many situations. By optimizing your voice search content for digital assistants to understand, you’ll be in a position to thrive for the foreseeable future.

With voice here to stay, incorporating voice command into your website is imperative.

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