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Blogging is a critical piece of inbound marketing that directly correlates with better business results. It must be well-optimized and promoted, and, most of all, rich with content. It is a long-term marketing asset that will expand your visibility while creating a strong influence in the law firm industry.



Our Approach


M44 Media will grow your brand with rich content personally created for your law firm. Our team will create an editorial calendar sharing your brand messages in sponsored articles and blog posts. It will be eye-catching with optimized titles, compelling images, interactive videos, and have extended reach through social media sharing buttons. In-Text Calls-to-Action will make it actionable, relevant, and entertaining.

There are thousands of blogs; we’ll make yours stand out. We can optimize your blogs for success as well as promotion, increasing your visibility and establishing you as an authority in your law firm niche.

  • Attracts high-quality traffic
  • Generates new leads
  • Improves search engine results
  • Transforms your firm into a thought leader for the industry



Share Your Content

Boost your Google ranking with social media influence. Social media is a great opportunity to add valuable credibility to your content. We tailor your material towards target audiences using marketable and shareable content.

Social media is the perfect platform for establishing your value, credibility and influence in the legal industry. When you post relevant content that both reaches and resonates with your target audience, search engines take notice.

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