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Our team will actively monitor and cultivate your online reputation, building credibility and trust in real time. We will strengthen your firm’s reputation management while simultaneously increasing the value of your business through active promotion.

We will manage your social media reputation and public reviews by tracking, monitoring, and ultimately eliminating negative material. It’s important to be credible not just on review sites, but on all social media channels. We listen to social media clients to actively improve your name or standing; creating and engaging them in a mutually beneficial relationship. We listen to help build better client trust, loyalty and strength in your brand.


Public Relations Services

Consumers have more power today than ever before. With the rise of social media and business directories such as Yelp, people can post their opinions about a company at any time, from any place. When legal matters are concerned, tempers often flare and even one negative review can have long-term ramifications on your firm’s ability to attract new clients.

If your firm needs to minimize the damage from an aggressive and unhappy client or maybe you simply need help positioning your firm as a clear leader in the field, our public relations service experts can help.



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Attorney PR For The Web


In some cases, negative sentiment about your law firm may appear on an independent website or blog rather than a business directory. If possible, our law firm public relations team will work with Google and other search engines to have the inflammatory content removed from result pages. Search engines routinely remove content from their results pages but only if that content violates the law.

If negative online sentiment violates no law, though, our experts in public relations for law firms can still help to manage your firm’s reputation by overwhelming the small bit of negative sentiment with a large amount of positive sentiment. Some of the reputation management techniques that we use include:

  • Increasing your firm’s level of social media activity to generate likes and shares
  • Publishing press releases discussing your firm’s commitment to community involvement and pro bono work
  • Reaching out to local newspapers to tell stories about the clients your firm has helped
  • Browser/device type used                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Our goal is to create new pages that support a positive public perception of your firm. We also strive to create high-value pages that rank well on Google and lower the search engine rankings of negative articles.


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